Police Release Names of Members of "Fluffy Bunny Crew" Busted Last Week. One Happens to Be a Hell of a Golfer

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Cloyd, John_031009szd.jpg
John Cloyd, one of 22 suburban gangsters arrested last week in "Operation Triple Threat."
Some new information has been released about the people busted as part of the Department of Public Safety's "Operation Triple Threat" last week, including the names of some of the members of the "Fluffy Bunny" party crew.

The DPS has released the names of 12 of the 22 people arrested in the bust. Check out the list here.

Authorities say many of the college-age suburban gangsters have prominent parents in the community, and a quick Google search of some of the more unique last names of some of the suspects turned up an owner of an insurance company, a principal at a company that services x-ray machines, and a lawyer. Calls to each were not returned.

We also learned that prior to his days as a fierce "Fluffy Bunny," 23-year-old Nathan Wiertzema shot an impressive 34 on nine holes at Palo Verde Golf Club as a member of the JGAA Boys Golf Team.

A gangster with a handicap -- imagine that.

DPS officials say drugs and white supremacy brought these "party crews" together to form a gang that one Valley Fever reader eloquently claims has "been running around Cave Creek screeching their tires in front of Taco Bell since the day they could drive."

Aside from "screeching their tires in front of Taco Bell," the gang is linked to a string of assaults, including three shootings in Peoria. However, none of these gunslingers managed to actually hit anyone -- just houses and cars.

The gang is also believed to be responsible for several robberies and home invasions in suburban areas across the Valley. 

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it is pathetic to see how much time was spent trying to "round up these felons" when there were most likly worse crimes being committed at the time, yes these boys needed to learn their lesson and obvi knew what they did was wrong.. but think about it we put lawyers in a class room for 6 to 8 hrs a day to learn and get to the top level of our jobs and yet we put criminals together not only for hrs but yearr in the same room... and for what?! to become a greater felon? these boys should have had a chance to rehabilitate their lives instead of wasting away the yrs in a room full of convicts just as bad an much much more vicious then they were, to me this is all a fucking joke, i was 16 when i used to see these kids on the streets and they were no threat to me its sad that it became such a bigger situation then it needed to be... so thank you creators of operation triple threat for putting a label on these kids that most of them didnt deserve,

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