Phoenix PD Big Winners in Last Week's "Drive Hammered...Get Nailed" DUI Round Up

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety is conducting the Holiday DUI Task Force across the state, and this week's big winner when it comes to "giving" DUI citations is the Phoenix Police Department.

The Task Force will be in effect through New Years Eve and has already doled out more than 1,200 citations for driving under the influence since the day before Thanksgiving.

"Drive hammered...Get nailed," is the slogan for the statewide effort, and this week the Phoenix fuzz "nailed" more tipsy motorists than any other single city agency participating.

The Phoenix PD dished out 131 DUIs this past week, beating the Tucson Police Department -- which made 114 arrests -- by 17.

Last week, Tucson took the top spot with 41 arrests, but the Valley still had a presence in the top five, with Mesa and Gilbert issuing a combined 55 DUI citations.

Of this week's 198 total DUIs, 48 were "extreme," meaning the drivers had a blood-alcohol content of .15 or higher.

For anyone looking to really "stick it to the man" during this DUI roundup, here's a thought: Take a freakin' cab.

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