Mugshot of the Week From Phoenix PD: 68-Year-old Jack Foster

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68-year-old Jack Foster

If you look at this mug and recoil in horror, we can't really blame you -- it's rough. But don't let that maniacal grizzled exterior fool you, odds are 68-year-old Jack Foster won't hack you up into pieces.

It seems as though all this guy did was get caught being homeless on a Sunday night.

According to booking records, Foster was charged with loitering to beg and violation of a promise to appear.

In other words, he was panhandling, and somebody felt threatened by a man who looks like a hairy version of Edvard Munch's The Scream and called the cops.

It's tough to look good in a mugshot, so maybe foster was just having a bad day. 

So don't write Mr. Foster off just yet -- a few weeks in the tub and a trip to the barber, we bet this guy comes out looking like a younger, taut Sean Connery. With a lot more hair.

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