Maricopa County's Chihuahua Infestation Has Been Contained; Shelters Out of Adoptable Chihuahuas

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The infestation of chihuahuas at animal shelters across Maricopa County has been contained.

Shelter officials say that because of an "overwhelming response and generosity of the community" all of the adoptable chihuahuas have been scooped up -- and just in time for the holidays.

As we reported yesterday, county animal shelters had been overrun with chihuahuas the past few months.

In the last two months, county animal shelters have taken in 821 chihuahuas, which is 230 more than shelters received during the same period last year.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Shelters had planned a weekend-long chihuahua discount sale -- reducing the adoption fee for chihuahuas to $36 -- to try and find homes for the little guys. The shelters managed to move all the inventory before the weekend, so the chihuahua bargain bonanza is being called off.

MCACCS officials want to assure everyone that while the chihuahuas may be gone, there are plenty of other cats and dogs that need homes. Change the record already -- MCACCS always has some mutt lookin' for a handout.

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