KTVK's Carey Pena Tweets of Getting Robbed -- Big-Time -- by Maid's Kid

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Carey Pena broadcasts plenty of news about criminals in her role as investigative reporter for Channel 3 (KTVK-TV), but one thief has been operating right under her nose, according to Pena's Twitter feed.

Pena, whom we chatted with last year after she crossed swords with Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, tweeted on Friday:

found out our long time housekeeper's son (19) has been stealing from us. a lot. so very sad when you trust people and they betray.

Pena followed up that tweet with a reply to a follower, explaining that the teen stole about $40,000 worth of stuff from the house. She doesn't state what was missing.

Maybe now that she's a crime victim, Thomas will be nice to her.

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