NHL Sees Historic Decline in Attendance; Hockey News Blames Phoenix Coyotes

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The Phoenix Coyotes officially have the worst attendance record in the NHL, and Hockey News, or the "Canadian Bible," as it is referred to in certain circles, is blaming the team for driving down the entire league's attendance average.

The average per-game attendance for the NHL at this time last season was 17,776. Now, the league average is 16,606, and Hockey News says, " The dismal Phoenix Coyotes account for a significant amount of the decline."

Sadly, Hockey News is probably right.

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Mesa Man Charged With Murder; Claims He Doesn't Know How His Girlfriend Turned Purple and Died

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Dartanion Stroud, 21, is believed to have strangled his 26-year-old former girlfriend
A Mesa man claims he has no idea what caused his on-again-off-again girlfriend to "turn purple" and die yesterday morning, but a member of his family told police he admitted killing her, according to court documents.

Gilbert police received a call yesterday morning from a member of 21-year-old Dartanion Terrial Stroud's family, saying Stroud told another family member in Florida that he killed his 26-year-old former girlfriend, Angelita Francisca Montano.

Police from Gilbert and Mesa started a search for Stroud and Montano, but the pair weren't at the victim's last-known address.

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Phoenix PD Big Winners in Last Week's "Drive Hammered...Get Nailed" DUI Round Up

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety is conducting the Holiday DUI Task Force across the state, and this week's big winner when it comes to "giving" DUI citations is the Phoenix Police Department.

The Task Force will be in effect through New Years Eve and has already doled out more than 1,200 citations for driving under the influence since the day before Thanksgiving.

"Drive hammered...Get nailed," is the slogan for the statewide effort, and this week the Phoenix fuzz "nailed" more tipsy motorists than any other single city agency participating.

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Officer's Detention Stalls Cases in Criminal Judge's Court; Staffing Shortages a Problem in Other Courts, too, Arpaio's Office Says


flores lisa 1.jpg
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Judge Lisa Flores
​Inmates aren't getting transported to the courtroom of Maricopa County Superior Judge Lisa Flores because the Sheriff's Office hasn't replaced Adam Stoddard, the detention officer in jail on a contempt-of-court order.

If you've been following this case, you'll recall that Stoddard had been assigned to Flores' court on the day that he snatched papers from a defense attorney's file. The court's presiding criminal judge, Gary Donahoe, later ordered Stoddard to report to jail unless he apologized to public defender Joanne Cuccia for taking the papers. Stoddard wouldn't apologize and has been in jail since Tuesday -- though you'll have to take the word of the Sheriff's Office on that, since where he's being "confined" is a secret. Overshadowing all of this is are Sheriff Joe Arpaio's claims that Donahoe is carrying out a political vendetta against him by using Stoddard as a political pawn.

Here's how this flap is seeping down to the daily workings of the court system: On two occasions, when Flores' assistant called the Sheriff's Office to find out why criminal defendants aren't showing up for their hearings, she was told "your deputy is in jail," says Jessica Funkhouser, special counsel to the Superior Court.

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Cops Offering $2,000 Reward for Information on Peoria Pill Bandit

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This unknown man is believed to have robbed pills from a Peoria CVS
​The Peoria Police Department and Silent Witness are offering a $2,000 reward for information about a man who robbed prescription drugs from a Peoria CVS last week.

The man, according to police, went into the drugstore at 8332 West Thunderbird Road, flashed a large kitchen knife to employees, and asked for prescription drugs.

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Cardinals Shut Down Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings; Next Stop: San Francisco

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When Tim Hightower fumbled on the opening drive of the Cardinals 30-17 win over the Minnesota Vikings last night in Glendale, and the Vikings marched down the field to score with ease, you couldn't help but to think, "Okay, here comes a classic Brett Favre beat-down." Fortunately, that was about the only thing the Cards did wrong all night.

The key to the Cards victory -- as surprising as it may have been -- was defense.

Favre has a gunslinger reputation; as good as he is, he makes risky throws into coverage whenever he gets pressured. And the Vikings offensive line, which resembles the Berlin Wall in size and intimidation, on this night couldn't protect the aged quarterback from the Cards explosive defense.

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Suns Survive Sacramento Kings, Get Destroyed By Los Angeles Lakers In Weekend Action. Up Next: Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday

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Kobe Bryant continued to make the Phoenix Suns his personal bitches last night.

The Phoenix Suns have developed two rather distinct personalities so far in the 2009-2010 season.

There's the straight ballers who dismantle feeble opponents and occasionally squeak out tough, hard-fought wins. And then there's Planet Orange's weaker side, which gets schooled and humiliated by the NBA's upper echelon.

Phoenix fans got to see both faces as Steve Nash and his squad went all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this past weekend.

The Suns were fairly stellar as they pulled off a come-from-behind win over the Sacramento Kings on Friday night at US Airways Center before traveling to the Staples Center and getting their asses handed to them by the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

The Kings proved to be a challenge through the first three quarters of Friday night's game, as Sac-Town head coach (and one-time Suns star) Paul Westphal utilized such players as Kenny Thomas and Jason Thompson to curtail and contain Phoenix's shooting efforts from the field to keep things relatively close, almost evening the game at 95-94 with seven minutes left. (Possible NBA Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans also scored 21 points, while Andres Nocioni nabbed 20 points during the contest).

As a result, the Suns stepped up their three-point shooting to compensate and overcome, including treys from Nash and Channing Frye, as a part of a 10-2 run to secure a 115-107 victory and extend their home winning streak to 16.

If only the Suns could have executed a similar scoring surge throughout last night's 108-88 rout by the Lakers.

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Hot Links: Photo Radar, Phil Gordon's Term, and a Beef Recall

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Six weeks after announcing he wouldn't prosecute criminal-speeding cases based on photo-radar evidence, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has decided that photo-radar evidence can be used in criminal speeding cases. Barnet Lotstein, special assistant to Thomas, says what Thomas should have said initially was photo-radar evidence should be used primarily in civil cases, but should not be the only evidence presented in criminal cases...Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has canceled plans to run for extended office. Gordon's campaign committee spent almost $17,000 in August to poll residents about whether they would support abolishing term limits for mayor and City Council positions. Gordon has two more years in office before his term ends...A Fresno-based beef company, Beef Packers Inc., is recalling some of its products from California and Arizona, after concerns about possible salmonella contamination. Officials say consumers should check with local retailers to make sure the meat they're buying isn't from the possibly contaminated lot, which was produced on September 23 and bears the product code "EST. 31913"...
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Cell phone towers: Not for climbing and jumping off.
An Arizona man died after parachuting off a cell-phone tower in Casa Grande Friday night. Police say the man, Darrell Dunafon, had broken into the site with some friends and climbed the 400-foot tower. Dunafon's parachute got stuck, and he struck a power line. He died at the hospital...Rhema Full Gospel Baptist Church in South Phoenix, destroyed by arson four years ago, has reopened. State Attorney General Terry Goddard attended Sunday's re-dedication service. He says investigators are still working to catch the arsonist who set the church on fire...Leslie Widynowski, the 63 year-old Surprise woman missing since Wednesday, was found dead Sunday. Police say her body was about 50 yards away from her vehicle, discovered near the US 60 and Jomax Road. It's unclear how she died, and police say there is no evidence of trauma or foul play.  

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Arizona Among the "Happiest States" in Country, According to New Survey

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Despite having the second-worst budget crisis in the country, blistering summer heat, and that whole (gulp!) Sheriff Arpaio problem in its most-populous county, Arizona is among the happiest states in the country, according to a recent survey.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index surveyed residents of each state, asking six different questions pertaining to "well-being" and found that Arizona is the 10th-"happiest" state in the country.

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