Health Department Turns to Google to Help Stop the Spread of Pig Flu. Is There Anything Google Can't Do?

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Google has made it possible for the average person to see their house from space, get a 360-degree view of almost any street in the country, and now the company is taking on swine-flu.

The Arizona Department of Health Services announced today that it is partnering with Google to help curb the spread of the H1N1 swine-flu with a new feature called Google Flu Shot Finder.

ADHS is featuring the new service on its official flu Web site called "Stop the Spread AZ." Check it out here.

The flu-finder works just like a Google map and has color-coded pins for locations where people can get shots for the regular seasonal flu and for the swine-flu.

"Our goal as a public health system is eliminate as many hurdles as we can so people can get the vaccine quickly and easily," ADHS Interim Director Will Humble says.

What hurdles? CVS and Walgreens both offer flu shots, and there is a CVS or Walgreens at almost every major intersection in the Valley. If people can't find their way to a drugstore without the help of Google, perhaps natural selection should be allowed to take its course.

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