Governor Brewer Puts the "Christmas" Back in "Christmas Tree," and Makes it Official: Christmas Celebrates the Birth of Jesus

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Governor Jan Brewer made it official today: Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, Hanukkah is an eight-day festival of lights, and state employees can celebrate either holiday as they see fit.

Brewer signed Executive Order 2009-11 today, which puts the "Christmas" back in "Christmas tree" for state employees after it was renamed a "holiday tree" by former Governor Janet "the Grinch" Napolitano -- sending right-wing bloggers into an anti-gay tirade last year.

The order makes reference to Napolitano's "holiday tree" order and alludes to the idea that Hanukkah Menorahs were at one point only allowed to be called "candlesticks," although we can't find anything suggesting that was ever the case.

Brewer's order makes it illegal for any executive agency to prevent employees from celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah, or placing items associated with the holiday on their desks. They are now also permitted to say "merry Christmas" and "happy Hanukkah" to one another without the fear of a trip to human resources.

Now that all the, um, important Christmas stuff is cleared up -- how's that whole budget situation coming along?

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