Local Attorneys (Not Just Criminal Defense-Types) to Demonstrate Against County Attorney Andy Thomas

Exactly one week from now, an unknown number of fed-up Maricopa County's criminal-defense lawyers are planning to protest the ongoing "evil" reign of County Attorney Andy Thomas on the steps of the downtown Phoenix court complex.

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​Say what?

Jim Belanger, a Phoenix lawyer who specializes in working white-collar crime cases with the firm of Coppersmith, Schermer and Brockelman,  sent the following E-mail to many of his brethren.

The subject line reads: Do you believe in Andy Thomas?

"On December 21, 1946, the United States Supreme Court reversed the conviction of Irene Morgan for refusing to give up her seat on a bus in violation of Virginia's segregation law. This is just one example of the courage of one person standing up against power wielded with evil, unjust and self-serving intent.

"I personally do not plan on sitting down anymore in the face of this incompetent, thin-thinking, petty little tyrant.


"On Monday, December 21, 2009, at 12:15 p.m., I would like to rally as many people as we can to the patio in front of the Central Court Building to protest the illegitimate, despicable and cowardly actions of Andy Thomas, and to demand that he be suspended from the State Bar of Arizona."

Knowing Andy as we do, we suspect that he and his symbiotic bud Sheriff Joe Arpaio will try to turn the planned demonstration into their own advantage.

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