Former "Phoenix Open" Golf Tournament Now to Be Called "Waste Management Open;" Way to Keep it Classy, Scottsdale

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Scottsdale's premiere PGA golf tournament has a new name, and it won't do much to help the tournament's unsavory image among golf's elite.

The Phoenix Open -- or the FBR Open, as it's been known since 2004 -- is often criticized by the PGA's most pompous linisters.

Many, including the philandering Tiger Woods, say the 16th "party hole," where fans scream, yell, drink, and basically act like they're at a ZZ Top concert, takes away from the tradition of class and manners often associated with golf.

The tournament's new isn't going change any minds.

In an announcement this afternoon, tournament officials said that starting next year the tournament will be called: "The Waste Management Open."

Yes, that's correct -- the historic golf tournament that draws more spectators than any other event on the PGA tour, and is held in ritzy Scottsdale, is now named after a company where most employees spend the majority of their day elbow-deep in dumpster juice.

Tiger Woods is nailin' cocktail waitresses, and now this? How trashy is this sport gonna get (badop-ching)?

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