Careful With Your Email; Swine-Flu Virus Now Comes in Computer Form

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Swine-flu virus is causing more than just a case of the runs and a high fever -- now it's affecting our cyber-health, too, in the form of a new computer virus.

Centers for Disease Control officials say there is a new computer virus stemming from an email that claims to give information about the swine-flu.

The email claims to offer information about a state vaccine program, but according to officials, it's a scam and will harm your computer.
Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard says people should be wary of any email claiming to be from a government agency that asks for any personal information, because no government agency will ask for information like that in an email.

Goddard says it is common for computer scams to exploit popular topics like the swine-flu.

"Of course every fraud -- that I'm aware of -- depends upon an opening gambit," he tells 92.3 (KTAR). "That gambit is always something people are worried about, something they want to get, something that is topical. Certainly nothing is more topical right now than H1N1."

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