California Dumping Hundreds of Unwanted Chihuahuas on Arizona Shelters; Thanks For Nothing Paris Hilton

There is an unwanted phenomenon happening in California, and Arizona is being pegged to clean up the mess: Chihuahuas -- lots of them.

California is seeing an influx of chihuahuas popping up at animal shelters, and it's becoming too much for the state to handle.

Rather than take these unwanted pooches out back, and deal with them Old Yeller style, California shelters are pawning these rat-dogs off on the Grand Canyon State.

"Everyone is juggling chihuahuas," San Francisco Animal Care and Control spokeswoman Deb Campbell tells the San Francisco Chronicle.

Shelter officials are associating the rise in the abandoned pooches to celebutards like Paris Hilton, who popularized use of animals as fashion accessories. When the reality of having to care for the dogs kicked in, it proved to be too much for a lot of wanna-be heiresses, and they dropped the quivering canines off at animal shelters.

According to California shelter officials, more than 100 of the dogs have been driven to shelters in other states, Arizona included.

Perfect -- these little critters could serve as great snacks for Arizona's own shelter problem: pit bulls.

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