Arizona Set to Add Congressional Seat, According to Preliminary Census Numbers

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If preliminary numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau hold true, Arizona is set to pick up a congressional seat when the census is complete.

And the, um, "vast right-wing conspiracy" wages on.

According to the newest data, Arizona is one of six traditionally "red states" slated to get a boost in their electoral count, while many traditional "blue states" are expected to lose seats.

Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina are expected to gain a seat, and Texas is anticipated to pick up three, which could potentially stifle Obama-rama in 2012, as each gun-toting state will also gain electoral votes.

Of the "blue states," Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are each expected to lose two seats when the number-crunching comes to a halt.

Democrats have often relied on population increases in their strongholds like California and New York to pick up seats, but as California falls farther into the throws of a budget crisis and New York continues to be, well, New York, people are starting leave for tax-friendly places like Arizona.

With a possible new GOP seat, let's just hope that as a state we get a little more Jeff Flake and a little less John Shadegg.


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