Among the World's Strictest Parents Live in Gilbert; at Least Country Music Television Thinks So

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Country Music Television found a Gilbert couple who it thinks could be some of the strictest parents in the world, and they will be featured in an episode of the World's Strictest Parents.

James and Janee Gentrup let two monstrous teens named Ronnie and Christiana into their home for a week to try to do what the kids' own parents couldn't -- tame them.

When we heard about the "strict" couple, we were under the impression that by the end of the week, the kids were cowering in the corner, flinching everytime James Gentrup made a sudden movement -- doesn't quite sound like that's the case.

The Gentrups are described by the network as a family that has "instilled a strong sense of community awareness in their family. They believe they punish their children with compassion and are creating a strong family bond."

Punishment by compassion, huh? That oughta scare em' straight. Ever heard of a belt? 

Janee Gentrup keeps home drug tests in the house, so just in case she suspects one of the little brats is smoking weed, she can nail them -- and by nail them, we mean "compassionately" hug the joint right out of their little mouths.

Will Ronnie and Christiana adhere to the "strong sense of community awareness" at the Gentrup home, or will the kids laugh in their faces? Our guess is the latter. Tune into CMT at 6 p.m. on November 21 to find out.

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