Phoenix Suns Offer Valet Parking for Bikes; Thanks, Lou Amundson!

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The Phoenix Suns have a new gimmick -- valet parking for bikes.

The Suns seem to think that finding a spot to lock up is a major concern for fans, so tonight the team will unveil an NBA first: "The Lou Amundson Bike Valet."

The valet's namesake, forward Lou Amundson, is "widely known" for riding his bike to practices and wants to extend an invitation to fans to ride their bikes to Suns games, too.

The bike valet will work just like a valet for a vehicle. You ride your bike to the gate, get a ticket, and a Suns lackey will find an appropriate place to lock it up for you. When the game's over, bring the valet your ticket and someone will retrieve your bike.

For anyone who actually rides a bike to Suns games, this is not a bad idea. Not only will the Suns staff park your bike for you, they will make sure it isn't stolen while you're inside. 

The cost of the service is a dollar, and the valet gate can be found on the southwest corner of 3rd Street and Jefferson. 

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LA Parking
LA Parking

The phoenix suns has already offered the valet parking for the bikes at a very nominal cost with lots of facilities.

Santa Monica
Santa Monica

The phoenix suns has given offer for valet parking for bikes at very low cost.They will provide the security and the parking attendants also.

La parking
La parking

The Company named as Phoenix suns has offered valet parking services for bikes.Its a high secure company and have a best services with latest technologies and a experience parking attendants.

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