Mugshot of the Week from Pima County Sheriff's Office: 27-Year-Old Kumari Fulbright

Kumari Fulbright

One look at this mug, and you're probably thinking: There are three very important rules when owning a Gremlin.

You may remember this frightening face from when she was originally arrested in 2007. Kumari Fulbright, 27, is accused of kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated robbery, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

This is what Fulbright used to look like.

The charges stem from a 2007 incident, when prosecutors say Fulbright and two other men held her ex-boyfriend hostage for about 10 hours, while robbing and torturing him.

According to prosecutors, Fulbright was angry about some jewelry she believed the ex-boyfriend stole from her to pay a drug debt.

Fulbright didn't always look like the predator -- she was once a beauty queen and promising law student at the University of Arizona.

Fulbright made headlines again this week when her request to have her trial moved from Tucson to somewhere where there has been less media coverage of her case was denied by a federal judge.

Fulbright's trial is scheduled in February -- unless, of course, someone feeds her after midnight. 

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The NT should write a follow-up article about Kumari, she's out of prison and back working in the modeling biz.  Cleaned herself up.


This should be a poster of what meth will do to you. This is sad. She was a beautiful young woman.

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