Mugshot of the Week from Maricopa County Sheriff's Office: 52-Year-Old Roseann Jimenez

Rosann Jimenez

​We know what you're probably thinking, but the answer is no -- this is not Governor Jan Brewer before a trip to the makeup chair.

This toothless Valley treasure is 52-year-old Roseann Jimenez. 

Jimenez got pinched in Phoenix last week on a slew of felony drug charges, including possession and use of a narcotic drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jimenez weighs a frightening 95 pounds, and

after dealing with her current legal issues, could probably find work as one of the "after" models for the Arizona Meth Project, or as a stand-in for Governor Brewer. 

Considering Jan's handling of the state budget, Jimenez might be a welcome replacement.

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Everyone has something to say about Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, etc. However, I think it is about time most people with even a 1st grade education realizes that if you don't like where they are going to put you for doing things illegal, then do not do them. Whether you are African American, Indian, Caucasian, Mexican, it really does not matter. What matter is if you want to dance you have to pay for the music you are dancing to. If you do not like it here go back where you came from and then you have no complaints. If I did these things in any other country I would spend a lot of time in what they laughing call a jail and in some countries under the jail.  The choice is yours. No one is making anyone stay here. You can only complain and protest and gripe so much before it is expected and no one cares or listens or hears half of what you say.

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