Camelback High School Librarian Calls Students "Responsible" After Student Returns Book 51 Years Late

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Last week, the librarian at Camelback High School got an unexpected package in the mail -- two books that were checked out in 1959. Along with the books, a $1,000 money order for "late fees."

When she got the package, librarian Georgette Bordine thought "here we go again."

"About three years ago, we got a check from a former student who had stolen a book back in 1962," Bordine tells New Times. "He was doing some sort of 12-step program and he gave us a check for about $75 or $100 trying to 'right all his wrongs.' We didn't get that book back but it was a nice gesture."

This time, Bordine got the books back and late fees -- funny thing is, the library doesn't even charge late fees, and as far as Bordine -- who's been with the district since 1991-- knows, it never did.

Bordine says there was nothing to indicate who sent the books, but she has a pretty good idea of who the culprit is. However, she declined to tell us.

"That's just the kind of students we have here at Camelback High -- responsible," she says. "It may take 51 years, but they're responsible."

Um,  51 years to return a book is responsible?

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