Hot Links: Speed Cameras, Arizona Game and Fish, and Joe Biden in the Valley

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Vice President Joe Biden will be in the Valley today for the first time since being elected. Biden will attend a fundraiser for Arizona Democrats and then hold a roundtable discussion about how stimulus money is benefiting Arizona at Sky Harbor International Airport... A Chinese solar-panel company announced Sunday that it will be basing its North American headquarters somewhere in the Valley. Suntech Power Holdings Company plans to build a 100,000-square-foot facility that is expected to employ more than 250 people by the time it is complete and fully operational...Phoenix police are searching for a mentally disabled man who climbed out the window of his Phoenix home Sunday afternoon. Juan Jose Carrasco, 34, is said to have disapeared at least twice in the past year and suffers from a
Vice President Joe Biden
severe form of dimentia caused by a brain injury he received about 10 years ago...Arizona Game and Fish will be restocking Arizona lakes and streams Monday. It will be releasing 12,000 rainbow trout into at least 20 lakes in Phoenix and Tucson as part of its Urban Fishing Program...A new GPS device has been created that could help Valley speeders avoid getting photo-radar tickets. The Cheetah C-50 costs about $100 and will alert drivers if they are approaching a speed-enforcement camera...Unemployed Arizonans may have their unemployment benefits extended. About 57,000 of the state's unemployed may be eligible for extended benefits as a result of a new federal bill signed into law earlier this month.

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