Hot Links: MVD Closures, Job Losses, and Kiddy Porn

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Based on the most recent job-loss data, Arizona may have been hit harder by the recession than Michigan, a state infamous for job losses in the past. The most recent data shows that Arizona, since the start of the recession, shows the highest percentage of job losses. Arizona, according to the data, has lost 9.9 percent of its jobs since the recession began...Phoenix police are looking for two men, who they believe shot and killed a woman in a K-Mart parking lot Monday night. One of the suspects is described as a black male, 25-28 years old, about 5-foot-9, and 180 pounds. Police are also looking for the driver of a car involved in the shooting. There is no description of the driver, but the car is described as a gray, 1980s-style Chevrolet pickup truck...The League of Arizona Cities and Towns is suing the state of Arizona over immigration policies the League feels prevent cities and towns from receiving federal money. Governor Brewer reacted to the lawsuit by saying the cities were coddling illegal immigrants at the state's expense...The Arizona Department of Transportation has announced the closing of 12 MVD offices. The closures are a result of cuts to the department's annual budget. No date has been set for the closures, but dates are expected to be announced after a federal review, because many of the offices are also used as polling stations...A janitor in the Osborne School District in Phoenix was arrested yesterday for possessing child porn. Paul
Marvin Dewey Morris
Garland, 54, was booked on 10 counts of possession of unlawful images, or child pornography. Police say there is no evidence that children in the school district were victims of any crimes...Phoenix police arrested a Valley man believed to be running massage parlors that offer prostitution. Marvin Dewey Morris was arrested on November 18 and may be charged with more than 40 felony counts ranging from prostitution to money-laundering to running a criminal enterprise.

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