Holiday DUI Task Force Busy Over Thanksgiving Weekend; Plans to Continue Through New Year's Eve

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People say the holiday season should be about giving, and local law enforcement seems to be taking that to heart by giving out DUIs like they're going outta style.

As part of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety's Holiday DUI Task Force, with the clever catch phrase "drive hammered...get nailed," law enforcement agencies from across the state have rounded up hundreds of tipsy motorists in fewer than three days.

The task force went into effect on Thanksgiving and has "nailed" 334 drunk drivers, including 90 on Saturday alone.

Of the 334 arrests, 49 were for "extreme DUI," or having a blood-alcohol content of .15 or higher.

Considering the laws in Arizona, you're an idiot if you're one of the people stupid enough to drive drunk in this state. However, if you do, do yourself a favor and stay out of Mesa and Gilbert. Police in both cities nabbed a combined 55 drunk drivers, two of the highest single-city number of busts in the state.

The Holiday Task Force is scheduled to end New Year's Eve. When it's over, you'll have a slightly lower chance of getting busted but you'd still have to be an idiot to drive drunk in Arizona.    

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