Hard Times in Glendale; Coyotes Slashing Prices on Expensive Lower-Level Seats

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Anyone want to go to a Phoenix Coyotes game, or is that a stupid question -- the team has the lowest attendance record of any team in the NHL.

What if you could sit in the lower level on the cheap? If that's enough to lure you to Glendale, you're in luck.
In the latest attempt to draw a fan base, the Coyotes are offering lower-level seats at dirt-cheap prices.

Seats that would normally run you anywhere from $60- $330 are now available for $25 for six upcoming Coyotes games. One catch: You have to act fast.

The tickets need to be purchased through Ticketmaster between November 27 and November 30 and are only being offered for games played between December 3 and December 23.   

The Phoenix Coyotes are really pulling out all the stops to try to generate a fan base (or at the very least, a buyer willing to keep the team in this market).

In the past month, the team has offered to drive people to and from games, has offered free tickets to members of the military, and now they're offering prime seats at low prices.

What's the next gimmick? Are the Hansen brothers coming to town? 

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