Governor Jan Brewer Uses Twitter to Rally Support in Non-Scientific Meaningless Surveys

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The news that a recent poll shows Joe Arpaio as the top dog in the GOP should he choose to run for governor seems to have Governor Jan Brewer looking for good news anywhere she can find it -- including her Twitter page.

In two separate "tweets," Governor Jan is directing people to vote for her in non-scientific meaningless polls on two local news Web sites.

Yesterday, the governor tweeted: "I'd appreciate it if you would vote for me on this online poll. Thanks." She included a link to a poll on the Sonoran Weekly Review Web site that asks, "If the election were tomorrow, who would get your vote as governor."

The options are Governor Brewer, Vernon Parker, John Munger, Terry Goddard, John Paul Mitchell, and Robert Graham.

As luck should have it, Governor Jan is leading the poll with 79 percent of the vote.

In today's tweet, Brewer directs followers to a similar poll on the Arizona Guardian Web site, where she asks for support in a poll asking which GOP candidate those polled would vote for if the election were held today.

"Another poll. I would appreciate your vote," the governor tweets.

Guess what -- she's winning in that poll, too.

We hate to burst the gov's bubble, but these polls mean absolutely nothing.

In the most recent Rasmussen poll, a scientific survey that paints a fairly accurate picture of who's really leading in the race, Jan is trailing Goddard by nine percentage points.

Here's a tweet that Governor Brewer could post that might garner some actual support: "Arizona has a balanced budget!" 

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