Flight Attendants for US Air to Picket at Sky Harbor Friday

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Flight attendants for US Airways aren't too thrilled with some of the working conditions after the 2005 merger with America West Airlines, and they plan to let management know Friday morning when they picket at Sky Harbor Airport.

The Association of Flight Attendants and US Airways management have been working on a new labor agreement, and the union, the Phoenix Business Journal reports, is tired of waiting.

The AFA claims that many of the former America West flight attendants are getting paid less than the pre-merger US Airways attendants and are upset about a current pay freeze.

This all comes in the wake of major reductions in flights out of Las Vegas and a reduction of about 1,000 jobs within the airline set to take place next year.

If you want front-row seats to a good old- fashioned picket line, head to terminal four at Sky Harbor International Airport Friday morning.    

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