Bottoms Up! New "Extreme Beer" Outlawed in 13 States Gets the OK in Arizona

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A new "extreme Beer" that has been outlawed in 13 states is coming to Arizona, and in the words of Dave Chappelle, "It'll get ya drunk."

The makers of Sam Adams have updated the brewery's biennial beer "Utopias" and the latest version has the highest alcohol content of any beer on the market.

Your average beer is anywhere from three-to-six percent alcohol, but Sam Adams' latest concoction blows that percentage right out of the water.

The newest version of "Utopias" is 27 percent alcohol by volume -- not exactly for the faint-of-liver.

The newest "Utopias" has been outlawed in 13 states for exceeding the legal limit of alcohol content for beer. Arizona, thankfully, is not one of the those states.

For $150, beer-lovers can get a limited edition copper bottle of the latest lager, but keep this in mind after drinking one: The excuse "but officer, I only had one beer" is probably not gonna fly if you get pulled over.

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