Andrew Thomas Denied Again in Review of Spanish-Language DUI Courts

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When choosing an Andy Thomas photo, you always gotta go mustache.
Whether spoken in Spanish or English, the answer to Andy Thomas' request to have the ruling in his Spanish DUI Court lawsuit reviewed is the same: NO!

On Thursday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refused Thomas' request to have the suit against the Maricopa County Superior Court reheard with a larger panel of judges.

In the original suit, Thomas claimed that the county's Spanish-speaking DUI court violated the U.S. Constitution because the "race-based courts" favored Spanish speakers.

Thomas lost the case once already in a U.S. District Court and again last July in the same court that denied his request yesterday.

The court ruled that Thomas had no legal standing because he had not been personally harmed by the mere existence of a court that operates in Spanish.

What, a bruised ego doesn't count?

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