Testosterone Levels in McCain Supporters Dropped as McCain Lost Election, Study Shows

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A new study found that testosterone in male McCain supporters dropped significantly as they learned that the "maverick" would not become the next president of the United States.

Yeah, this was an actual study.

Duke University "researchers" took 183 saliva samples of both McCain supporters and Obama supporters before the election results were known on election night last year and found testosterone levels were almost the same.

And they say liberals have no balls.
When the winner was announced, and McCain got blown out, they took more samples and saw that testosterone levels in McCain supporters had dropped by nearly 10 percent, while Obama supporters got a small boost.

About 40 minutes after Obama won the election and McCain supporters really had some time to let the "hope and change" set in, another saliva sample was taken and testosterone levels had dropped by nearly 25 percent.

"Male, but not female, voters respond with testosterone changes to the outcome of presidential elections as if they had personally fought to ascend a social dominance hierarchy," the study concluded.

Don't worry McCainiacs, one look at the "maverick's" daughter's skanky twitter pic is sure to put those testosterone levels off the charts.

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