"Spiritual Warrior" Sweat Lodge Organizer Holds "Self-Help" Seminar and Tells Audience How Hard Deaths Have Been on Him

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"Spiritual Warrior" James Arthur Ray
The "spiritual warrior," who organized a $10,000 per person sweat lodge retreat that left two people dead and 19 injured, addressed the media for the first time since the tragedy occurred five days ago.

James Arthur Ray answered questions yesterday at one of his self-help seminars and expressed his regret over what happened at the spiritual warrior retreat he held Friday near Sedona.

Wait, this guy is still providing people with "self-help?" The last time this guy dished out some "self-help," tragedy struck.

Anyhow, Ray told the audience how tough all of this was on him.

"This is the most difficult time I've ever faced,'' Ray says. "I don't know how to deal with it really.''

More difficult than that time last week when he "conquered death?"

Ray told his audience that he was "being tested" by the events and that he was "grieving for the families."

"We're looking for answers,'' he says."I'm as frustrated and confused as other people are."

Umm, we're not all that confused. Those of us back here on Earth understand that people tend to need oxygen to live. Two people dying after spending two hours in an unventilated hot tent with 60 other people isn't too perplexing. It kind of makes sense.


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woodworking ebooks
woodworking ebooks

It would be great if we could see more accredited news reports featuring both sides of the coin, not just James Ray's!

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