"ShotSpotter" Tracks Down Glendale Gunshot; Turns Out to be Some Teen-ager Firing Gun in His Backyard

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​For anyone who has the idiotic urge to fire guns into the air for no apparent reason, don't do it in Glendale -- or at least get the hell out of there after you do.

The city of Glendale is monitored 24/7 by a device called "ShotSpotter," an acoustic monitoring system that can pinpoint the exact location of a gunshot anywhere in the city.

So, when 18-year-old John Anthony Anguiano decided to pop a few caps in the sky last week, he shouldn't have been shocked when shortly thereafter the fuzz was knockin' on his door.

Police responded to the shots near North 63rd Avenue, just south of Bethany Home Road in Glendale and found Anguiano and three friends at a home, where Anguiano admitted to firing shots into the air.

No big deal right? Wrong!

Arizona, as you should probably know, has a little something called Shannon's Law on the books, which makes it illegal to fire a weapon within city limits.

The law is named after Shannon Smith, a 14-year-old Phoenix girl who was killed by a stray bullet in 1999.

Anguiano was the only one arrested and was charged with misconduct with a weapon and discharging a firearm within city limits.

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