Scottsdale Police Thwart Murder-for-Hire Plot by Man Investigated for Child Molestation

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Ira Joe Anderson
A Scottsdale man made quite the legal jump from being investigated on accusations of child molestation to being charged with conspiracy to commit murder, when police say he tried to have potential witnesses against him killed.

Scottsdale police say 59-year-old Ira Joe Anderson is alleged to have molested his stepdaughter for the last four years. Police say when Anderson caught word of the charges, he skipped town for Carson City, Nevada, where he then contacted "associates," whom he asked to help him kill the victim and two other adult witnesses in the case.

Scottsdale police Sergeant Mark Clark says the alleged molestation began when the victim was 13 and went on for four years until the girl came forward last month.

Clark says family members contacted police about the plot, not the associates.

"Right now, we're trying to determine the level of involvement of the people [Anderson] recruited," Clark says. "This is a sensitive case because it involves someone who tried to have three people killed."

Anderson returned to Valley from Nevada and was arrested on Sunday at an Extended Stay Deluxe hotel in Scottsdale.

Clark says Anderson has been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit murder, and while no charges have been filed in the molestation case, it still under investigation.

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I knew this guy when I lived in Phx and he is a crook, con man and a sick man.  I had a feeling he was molesting his step daughter and others too!

He told everyone he was with the Dallas Cowboys back in the day!  What a loser.  I hope he get's what he deserves in jail.  

Amanda Washington
Amanda Washington

Abdul is my brother , so is Jim paulson. It's amazing how we've found our brother. it's always been my dream to have him apart of my life. Now I have. I never knew I could love someone so much that I haven't met in 17 years. It's a blessing :)

a parent
a parent

I would say throw away the key on this tard. look at him a fat fking child molestor. if he did have kids at all i dont think they want to be found looking at this. i say kill the dick head give him the death penalty. i am sure every dad and mom that has a duaghter would say the same

Jim Paulson
Jim Paulson

This is my brothers dad. I can not find my brother abdul. I have not seen him in 17 years. I hope he is ok. He should be about 29 years old. If you have any information on where he is at please contact me at

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