Maricopa Community College Board President Colleen Clark to Serve 30 Days in Jail for DUI

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Colleen Clark, the boozing president of the Maricopa Community College Governing Board, will serve 30 days in jail for her "super-extreme" DUI conviction.

The Arizona Republic reported Clark's sentence a few minutes ago, but we were disappointed to see which photograph the newspaper chose to accompany the article. Instead of the mug shot of Clark, which the paper would use in 99.9 percent (our guess-timate) of other DUI articles, they ran her Governing Board glamor shot.

We prefer the shot below, taken after her arrest, to help illustrate our own story about Clark. After all, if you'll recall from our previous story about this partying right-winger, Clark was positively blitzed on July 11 while driving in downtown Scottsdale: She was driving poorly. She seems to have lied to the arresting officer about how much wine she'd quaffed. Her pants were unzipped and open. Most embarrassingly, the high-profile college official couldn't even remember her ABCs during a field test.

She pleaded guilty on Monday in Scottsdale City Court.


clark colleen mug shot.jpg

As we reported, she blew a .143 in a breath test. But as a blood test later revealed, her BAC was actually .204.

That reading put her in the "super-extreme" category of the toughest DUI laws in the country. She must serve a 30-day sentence in Tent City, but can leave in the day on work release, the Repub reports.

That'll give Clark plenty of time to consider a recent report from the Higher Learning Commission that accused the five-member Governing Board of abusing its power.

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