Las Vegas Man Busted Here With 660 Boxes of Meth-Making Ingredient Pseudoephedrine

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What could someone possibly need with 660 boxes of pseudoephedrine?

That was the question Arizona Department of Public Safety officers were asking a Las Vegas man after they found an absurd amount of cold medicine in his car, and it didn't take long for them to figure things out.

DPS officials say 35-year-old Roberto Rodriguez was pulled over Tuesday night in Phoenix as part of a routine traffic stop. When he consented to a search of his vehicle, DPS officers found the 660 boxes of cold medicine containing the ingredient pseudoephedrine.

While Rodriguez may have just had the worst cold in the history of mankind, unfortunately for him,
pseudoephedrine is the key ingredient in cooking up a fresh batch of crystal meth and is illegal to have in large quantities.

Rodriguez told police he had been going from store to store, buying small quantities of the drug and planned on selling it
to other individuals for $10,000.

Hopefully those folks weren't relying on the cold medicine to relieve an actual cold because Rodiriguez was arrested and charged with
possession of chemicals and/or equipment to manufacture methamphetamine.

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