Alleged Drug Runner Recently Released From Prison Leads Police on Chase Through High School

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​A man who was recently released from prison led police and border agents on a high-speed chase that went right through a Southern Arizona high school last week.

Patagonia Police say Border Patrol agents alerted them that 37-year-old Donald Jones, who they had been chasing down State Route 82, was on his way to Patagonia. 

When Jones got to Patagonia about 3:30 p.m., just after school let out, he led police through the grounds of Patagonia High School, driving behind football stadium bleachers and through the softball field, ripping down nearly 70 feet of outfield fencing.

Jones was eventually caught by police and arrested.

jones donald.jpg
Image: Arizona Department of Corrections
Donald Jones
​Why would someone go to such great lengths to avoid the cops? Probably because when they caught him, they found 682 pounds of weed in his car separated into 34 different bundles.

Jones is also a recent graduate of the Arizona Department of Corrections and was recently released from prison.

Patagonia Police Chief Ed Dobbertin tells Nogales International that Jones was released so recently "he still had his Arizona Department of Corrections ID card in his pocket."

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