D-Backs Annual Attendance Drops Big Time; Wonder Why?!

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Chase Field. No, there is no game going on in this photo, but the stands don't look much different when there is.
What do the Arizona Diamondbacks have in common with the dentist? Um, nobody in their right mind wants to see them, and it's painful when they do.

The Diamondbacks' winning percentage wasn't the only thing in the tank this year, as ESPN reports a 4,700 fan drop in attendance per game for the 2009 season.

What, nobody wanted to watch a team that has its greatest asset in Clay Zavada's mustache and isn't making the playoffs?

The D-Backs ranked 19th in attendance among the 30 major league teams with an
average of 26,286 fans per game. This is a drop from the 2008 season when the team had an average of 30,986 fans.

Oh, that's right, they had a winning record and a legitimate shot at the playoffs last year.

The LA Dodgers had the most fans this season, with an average of 46,400, followed by the New York Yankees, with 45,918.

Things could be worse. This could be Oakland.

The Oakland Athletics found the bottom of the list this year, netting an average of 17,392 fans per game.

Start going to games folks, even if they suck. Before we know it Jim Balsillie will be back in town trying to move the D-Backs to Canada.  

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