CBS' 48 Hours Set to Air Hour-Long Take on Doug Grant Murder Case

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Readers of this paper are likely to recall the Doug Grant murder case.


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emember, the onetime Phoenix Suns nutritionist who was convicted of manslaughter in the 2001 drowning death of his beautiful wife Faylene. (That's the happy couple on the day of their second wedding, mere weeks before her tragic death at their Gilbert home.)
We wrote a slew of stories on the bizarre and tragic case, which culminated in Grant's conviction at the Maricopa County Superior Court in downtown Phoenix.
Folks still want to talk to us about it.
ABC's 20/20 and NBC's Dateline already have aired shows on the Grant case. Now, seven months after the guilty verdict (Doug Grant is serving a five-year prison sentence), it's CBS' 48 Hours' turn. 

The hour-long piece, which the program's calling "Deadly Prophecy," is scheduled to air in the Valley this Saturday at 8 p.m., on Channel 5.
Here's the teaser direct from the network. We'll be watching.

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This story should be made into movie.  The story of Don Lapre and Doug Grant.  Call it "Vitamen"  and should star Shia LaBeouf as Lapre and Edward Norton as Doug Grant. It would be can't make this stuff up!

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