Border Patrol Seizes 971 Pounds of Marijuana Carried on Horseback

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U.S. Border Patrol
One of several horses border agents say were used to bring more than 900 pounds of pot over the border
U.S. Border Patrol Agents made two substantial drug busts this week, resulting in the seizure of about 2,400 pounds of weed, 971 pounds of which was being moved on horseback.

On Sunday and Monday, agents from the Tucson and Sonoita stations made two separate busts along the border, snagging about a police estimate of about $2 million worth of pot on its way into Arizona.

On Monday afternoon, agents from the Sonoita station responded to a possible illegal border crossing in nearby mountains. What they found were several pot-carrying ponies carrying about an estimated $775,000 worth of weed.

Agents say any people involved with the horses fled to avoid capture and were never caught.

On Sunday, agents were alerted to a truck that had illegally crossed the border. When agents tracked down the truck, they found 1,500 pounds of pot worth an estimated $1.2 million.

Agents say the driver and any passengers in the truck were not found and presumably ran off into the desert to avoid being caught.

Not a bad idea when you're moving 1,500 pounds of weed.

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