ASU Grad Student Shoots Himself in Professor's Office; Building on Lockdown

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Arizona State University police are reporting that a graduate student shot and killed himself inside a professor's office a little over an hour ago.


We're waiting to hear back from the ASU Police Department but here's what we know: The incident happened at the College of Design South building on ASU's Tempe campus. There were reportedly a lot of students in the building, which was immediately locked down.

Our friends at The State Press, ASU's student newspaper, broke the story and alerted us to the incident. They say the student was apparently talking with the professor inside his office when he decided to take his own life.

Within minutes, a text-message alert was sent to ASU students and employees telling them what happened and that there was no immediate threat.

ASU officials were quick to issue an official statement, saying the university was deeply saddened to report the loss.

At the moment, there is no information about the student or the professor, other than that the student is dead.

Stay tuned -- we'll keep you posted.

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But wait, it is illegal to bring a gun on a college campus, I just don't understand how someone could break the law like that...


How stupid can you be? Posting this bogus statement on an issue this sensitive......smh

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