2010 Census Bringing Temporary Jobs to Valley; With 9 Percent Unemployment, We'll Take What We Can Get

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The 2010 Census is set to bring thousands of much-needed jobs to the Valley.

Vangent Inc., the company in charge of processing about 40 percent of the 2010 Census data, will be setting up shop in here and bringing about 3,000 jobs along with it.

Unfortunately, once Vangent is done, it will be getting the hell out of Dodge, so the positions are only temporary.

The majority of the jobs are costumer-service positions and data-entry spots. As unenthralling as those may sound, they're still jobs and they're paying $13.50- $20 an hour.

The company has already started accepting applications, so if you're unemployed or find data entry and dealing with pissed-off costumers exciting, you can apply to be part of Team
Vangent here.

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