Three-Week-Old Girl Not Expected to Survive Injuries Police Say Were Caused by Her Father

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Brian Mark Hopf
The 3-week-old girl, who police say suffered some gruesome injuries at the hands of her father, 25-year-old Brian Mark Hopf, is not expected to survive.

Hopf poked the girl in the eyes,police say, and dropped her on the floor, leaving her with several skull fractures, broken ribs, and other serious injuries.

According to authorities, there is evidence that the girl was sexually abused.

Hopf, an admitted meth addict, says he accidentally dropped the girl and poked her in the eyes.


To think a 3-week-old girl could show signs of sexual abuse from being dropped on the floor is, to put it politely for all those meth addicts out there, a pipedream.

Hopf was booked into the county jail on child-abuse charges, but if the girl doesn't make it, he could be charged with homicide. 

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