"Ring My Bell:" Catholic Church Sues City of Phoenix for Right to Ring Church Bells

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You would think that city residents would welcome church bells as a means of drowning out the police sirens and gunshots often heard in Phoenix neighborhoods. Apparently not.

In June, a Catholic bishop was sentenced to three years of probation and 10 days in jail (suspended) for violating a noise ordinance by ringing church bells in a Phoenix neighborhood.

On August 24, city officials warned St. Mark's Catholic Church, located near Van Buren Street and 30th Street, that it could be prosecuted "if St. Mark did not reduce the amount of times that it rings its carillon to the satisfaction of certain neighbors," according to a complaint filed by prosecutors.

What a kick in the bells.

Well, three of Phoenix's Catholic churches have had enough of the bell bullying, and have filed a lawsuit against the city of Phoenix, saying that prohibiting them from ringing their bells is unconstitutional.

"The bells represent a means of religious worship for the churches," Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, tells Courthouse News Service. "They show the community the church is there, and for the Catholic churches, they are also a reminder to pray."

The churches are asking for nominal damages, declaratory judgment under the First and Fourteenth Amendments, and a permanent injunction so they can ring their bells.

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 "property rights are property rights"?   I find it funny you didn't declare Constitutional rights are constitutional rights.   Its funny you don't stick up for the property rights of the Church.     So under your thinking on your property, all sounds should be silenced, a bell, a dog barking, children playing, train whistles, sirens, the sound of traffic!!!  Was you born here or are you a transplant from North Korea?


 I think unbelief does,  I'm sure Glad unbelievers didn't put together our Constitution,  we probably be like North Korea,  or Communist Russia was, before they broke free from that and wanted freedom to practice the precepts of Christ in their lives.


The Testement Bible doctrine has higher principles than the law.   It's far above standards of the Law.   That is why 34 Christians helped design the Constitution and Bill of Rights we have today.   Please don't lesson it, by your 5 million laws that are on the books today chocking America by the very letter of your laws.


 If you don't like our constitution,  have some respect for the people who cherish our Constitution and move to another country Anonymous.


 And those of us who want it, shouldn't we be  free from oppression?    The first few buildings in any community was always the church.   I bet the church was there before you even moved in to your community.  If you didn't want to hear them, why would you move there?     What part of the constitution that says "Government shall make no laws regarding the establishment of Religion"  That mean oppression of it too...........Heck, not only should you move form the city, perhaps you should move from the country Joe Doe.

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