Phoenix Man Arrested For Impersonating Brother in Yavapai County Court

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Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
Denton Haymes (Left) Preston Haymes (Right) This could make a nice Hamyes family Christmas card.

In her novel Mansfield Park, Jane Austin writes: "The younger brother must help pay for the pleasure of the elder."

Well, life has once again imitated art, only this time it happened in a Yavapai County courthouse.

Preston Haymes, a 19-year-old from Phoenix, was arrested yesterday after police say he impersonated his older brother during a July court appearance.

It all started when Haymes' brother, Denton, 21, was arrested by state Department of Public Safety agents for a narcotics violation about a year before the July court date.

When the elder Haymes was asked his name by arresting officers, he claimed he was Preston Haymes.

When Denton was released, police say, he called his younger brother and told him about what happened. Denton then asked Preston to go to court and pretend to be him.

Like an idiot, Preston agreed after Denton assured him that he would pay any fines and participate in any drug counseling ordered by the judge.

So Preston went to court and was told to pay a $750 fine and complete 50 hours of drug counseling.

Guess who didn't do either. If your answer is both of them, you're right.

After Denton apparently reneged on the deal he made to Preston, a warrant was put out for his -- um, we mean for his kid brother's -- arrest.

Once he got word of the warrant, a pissed-off Preston went to the Mayer Justice Court near Prescott to turn in both him and his brother.

Preston told police about his brother's drug arrest, and admitted that he had impersonated him. As a result, police arrested Preston on three counts of forgery (for allegedly falsely signing court documents) and on one count of criminal impersonation.

Police say the investigation into Denton's role is ongoing.

If Preston gets out of this, we're guessing he'll never "help pay for the pleasure" of his brother again.



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Ohh and FYI Preston did get out of it. He's never done drugs so going in for his brother which may I mind you is what a real man would do for a true friend, Wait not just a friend a brother! Preston just had to attend a couple more court cases than necessary. So to your comment about a Christmas card, Yess this year they would make a B-e-a-utiful one ... Preston being the nice, caring real man he is would probably even pay for the education you need. Thank you, and in the future do not post something you dont know the facts about do your research lameo


Preston is a very hard working, motivated young man. You do not know what your talking about. I suggest before you critize two brothers, one for having the others back you do reasearch and attend school. FAMILY is FOREVER exspecially The 3 HAYMES brothers


You don't seem like a very nice person, and I suspect you are the one who commented on this writer's spelling on another article. What is your point?

stuck in AZ
stuck in AZ

In response to Damion's comment...This is not a blog, but rather an extremely poorly written news article. However, it does make sense that you would be mistaken on both of these facts due to the fact that you're from the Prescott area. It likely seems to be so well written and "snappy" to you b/c it doesn't contain any "yalls" or whatever other hick-ass terminology you're used too, having been from Arizona's armpit. You do have the option of educating yourself of the various forms of proper and witty journalism the world has to offer, but you will always be from Arizona (i.e. Prescott). So, please edumacate yerself an fer ur benefit, don't menton that yer from Preskit.

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