Peoria Parents Sue Wal-Mart, AG's Office After Kids are Taken Away Over Nude Vacation Photos of Them

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If a naked baby is porn, what exactly is the stuff the rest of us watch?

That's what a Peoria family is probably wondering after they had their children taken from them, and put into state custody after a Wal-Mart worker contacted authorities about some family photos it developed.

Lisa and A.J. Demaree took their three children, ages 5, 4, and 1½, on a vacation to San Diego. As vacations go, the young family took a lot of photos, including some of the children in the bathtub, in various stages of nudity.

Hardly a pornographic photo shoot.

When the family returned to Peoria, they took a memory stick containing about 150 photos of the trip to Wal-Mart to get them developed.

That's when a Wal-Mart employee made a ghastly discovery; naked babies in a bathtub.

What kind of horrid pedophile would take pictures of their own children naked in a bathtub when they are still essentially babies? Well, just about every family in America, that's who.

The Wal-Mart employee alerted authorities to the fact that he was given the photos, and the Demarees' children were placed in foster care while the state investigated the case to see if there was any evidence of sexual assault.

As you would probably imagine, nude children in the care of their parents doesn't qualify as sexual assault.

The families attorney, Richard Treon, says the parents were cleared of all the charges after an investigation, which included examining all three of the children's genitals.

The Demarees fought back, and have sued Wal-Mart in one complaint, and sued Arizona, the Arizona Attorney General, and the City of Peoria in a second complaint.

The family is seeking  punitive damages for defamation and outrage. Just another stupid event that cost state and local government time, and will probably wind up costing them (we taxpayers, that is) money.


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Maryann Fläsch
Maryann Fläsch

► Statistically speaking, 1 in 4 children (Male & Female) in the US is being abused.  

► Pedophilia is KNOWN to be the result of abuse in the pedophiles own childhood... 60% of molested children will grow up to have inappropriate sexual urges for children & we're told that the state & COUNTRY doesn't have the money to provide mandatory therapy for survivors of abuse.  

► WE KNOW that addiction/substance abuse tends to go hand in hand with the crimes of pedophiles and victimizers of adults yet the state & COUNTRY claims they don't have the funds to provide treatment to addicts. 

 ► Call a State or City Run Child Abuse Hotline & they will state VERY clearly that being an addict & doing drugs in front of a child isn't worthy of an investigation unless they are actually GIVING the child drugs. CPS/DCFS/Whatever it's called in your area claims they don't have the resources, funding, or manpower to investigate the exponentially growing rates of child abuse. Unless a parent actively tries to light their child on fire IN FRONG of a police officer, everyone turns a blind eye.  

► 1 in 6 women over the age of 14 will suffer a sexual assault in her lifetime. (I don't know the stats for men) (Google “PBS NOW Justice Delayed” to read about the stats.)

► Every State In The Nation routinely throws out Rape Kits UNTESTED because they claim they don't have the manpower or funding to test the kits, let alone link the counties & states together so that a rapist that hits multiple regions can be identified.

► We KNOW that mental illness as a result of being raised in an abusive family of origin is behind child molestation, rape, theft, the inability to contain violent impulses, etc. that rampage across our country and yet the State & COUNTRY claims that they don't have the funds or manpower to provide mental health treatment to victims of abuse before or afterthey become criminals.  

AND YET THEY HAVE THE TIME, MANPOWER, & RESOURCES TO DESTROY THE LIVES OF A FAMILY THAT TOOK BATH TIME PICTURES WHILE ON VACATION?  What the HELL is wrong with our country & culture that we allow these people to stay in power in the face of the HORRIBLE hypocrisy & wasting of resources on crap like this when HORRIBLE HORRIBLE violent crimes are taking place left and right??? WTF?

  Another example? How Sheriff Joe's crew refused to investigate 127+ rapes in AJ because they were too busy setting up road blocks around Guadalupe... No Illegals were involved in the rapes, according to the victims, so they never even sent a guy out to look around after the 130 or so RAPES were reported. And since we know that up to 80% of sexual assaults are never even reported to police, who knows how many actual victims there were!(Google “PBS NOW The People's Sheriff” to hear about this “Incident”.)

 I’ll say it again because it bears repeating… What the HELL is wrong with our country & culture that we allow these people to stay in power in the face of the HORRIBLE hypocrisy & wasting of resources on crap like this when HORRIBLE HORRIBLE violent crimes are taking place left and right??? WTF?

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