Beloved Investigator at Medical Examiner's Office Dying to Leave Job

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Word comes that one of our favorite folks, Suzi Dodt of the Office of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner, is soon leaving her longtime investigative gig there for "greener" pastures. Readers may recall Suzi from our profile published last year.

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​The yarn described how, on her own time and for no extra bucks, Suzi created a place on her agency's Web site where folks could look for their long-missing loved ones.

In fact, the Valley native has been the Unidentified Persons Bureau at the M.E.'s shop for about five years, and we have recounted some of her greatest successes during that time..



Suzi claims that other investigators have been trained on how to keep up with her Web site, and she feels comfortable in trying something utterly new with her life.

She can't wait to get to her new job at Mesa Community College as an Environmental Coordinator, which sounds suspiciously like a paid tree-hugger to us.

That's about as far from handling dead bodies on a daily basis as it gets. Probably a really good thing--for Suzi Dodt, if not the rest of us.


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