Abandon Ship! Second Top Aide to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Quits

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​A high-level aide to Governor Jan Brewer has quit, making him the second member of the Brew Crew to jump off the sinking ship in the last six weeks.

Brian McNeil, deputy chief of staff of operations for Brewer, handed the governor his resignation yesterday.

McNeil bailed in the midst of the tumultuous budget process, which has left the governor about as popular as herpes.

Tom Manos, her Deputy Chief of Finance, quit back in July, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family.


"She remains very close to Tom [Manos]," Brewer spokesman Tom Senseman says. "And I'm sure she'll remain close with Brian as well."

If recent polls have anything to say about it, the governor will have a lot of time to "remain close" with both of her former aides come November 2010.


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