"A Five-Spiral Crash;" How Former President Bush Referred to McCain Campaign in Latest Tell-All

Doesn't McCain look like he'll do just about anything to get the political kryptonite standing next to him to release his hand?
This month's GQ is the forum for the newest embarrassing tell-all about the Bush White House, with ex-presidential speechwriter Matt Latimer telling readers what the ex-prez really thought about the John McCain campaign and a pathetic showing at a Phoenix campaign stop.

Latimer describes telling W about a McCain campaign event right here in Phoenix that only drew about 500 people.

To be honest, we think that was probably a lot for the maverick for a routine stump event around here, but the President seemed shocked over the low turnout.

Here's an excerpt:

"We tried to move on to something else,but the president wouldn't let go. He was stuck on the Phoenix event. At one point, he looked off into space and said to no one in particular, 'What is this ─ a cruel hoax?''"

Bush describes the entire McCain campaign as "a five-spiral crash" and at one point jokingly asks if Sarah Palin was the governor of Guam. We think he was joking.

Bush's right that it was an epic crash, but who's fault was that? He needed to look in the mirror. 

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