Sheryl Crow Slated to Welcome "Green" Convention to the Valley

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The green machine is rolling through Phoenix, and Sheryl Crow is headlining.
When the U.S. Green Building Council brings its 2009 Greenbuild Conference to Phoenix on November 11-13, Sheryl Crow will welcome the Hummer-hating hippies to the Valley with a concert at Chase Field, the group announced today.

The Greenbuild Conference is one of the leading forums on all things "green," and is expected to bring in some much-needed business.

At last years conference in Boston, more than 28,000 people showed up, and showed off more than 800 half-baked contraptions designed to reduce polution.

The group says they chose Crow because of her Captain Planet persona, and her devotion to ridding the world of Co2.

"Beyond her music, Sheryl Crow's informed and effective advocacy made her the natural choice to help us open Greenbuild in a new and powerful way," says USGBC President Rick Fedrizzi.

Saving the environment's important, but we long for the day when "green" was just a color.

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