Rapper DMX: "Stay the (Bleep) Out of Arizona" and "(Bleep) Sheriff Joe

dmx tmz arpaio reax.jpg

Rapper DMX has some choice words of advice for his fans: "Stay the f- out of Arizona."

He also appears to harbor a grudge against the sheriff of Maricopa County:

"For the record, f- Sheriff Joe."

The video aired by gossip Web site TMZ.com has all the cuss words bleeped out, but DMX's points aren't lost. The rap star, who last year became a fugitive from Arizona justice for a short time, was apparently chatting about Arizona to a fan (or paparazzi) following a recent restaurant outing.

Another special moment in the video is when the somewhat smartalecky junior journalist asks DMX where his dogs are.

"Aw, I can't have dogs for two more months -- I'm on probation," DMX replies.

And why can't DMX own dogs while on probation?

Oh, that's right -- it's because he treats his animals like (bleeping bleep).

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