Pastor Tased at Checkpoint Getting National Attention -- as Anti-Obama Extremist

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​Steven Anderson, the right-wing pastor from Tempe who said he was abused by authorities at an Arizona checkpoint in April, caught the attention of MSNBC for his hate-filled, anti-Obama extremist.

"Arizona, what is your deal?" wonders "Pareene" of the NYC-based, who also references the recent gun parade that took place during Obama's rally at the Phoenix Convention Center. "Is the heat making you crazy?"

In a sermon of Anderson's played by the news channel, Anderson says he prays that Obama will "die and go to hell."

On another Web site's recent post, Anderson calls Obama a "madman" and says the president's "one of the rulers of the darkness of this world."


anderson steven in bp trailer.jpg
Anderson after his encounter with authorities at a Border Patrol checkpoint.

As much as he hates Obama, though, Anderson seems really ticked off at "faggots" and "sodomites," who he believes deserve the death penalty.

We don't know about you, but it's getting really tough to root for this guy over that Taser incident. Seriously -- this guy advocates death for homosexuality, but believes 18 seconds of electric shocks and a few cuts on his head is too harsh?

Maybe Anderson ought to preach the sort of non-violent behavior he expects from others.


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You can tell where the author of this editorial is going...starts with an H and ends will an ELL.

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