Mesa Man Busted by Mailmen Gets Five Years in the Joint for Ordering Kiddy Porn Online

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Charles Brown probably would have been thrilled to have lovable mailman Cliff Clavin show up at his door instead of scores of federal investigators sent to haul him off to jail

While "throwing away the key" is unfortunately not yet an option for judges dealing with those tantalized by watching little kids have sex, an Arizona judge did his best.


Charles Brown, 54, of Mesa, was sentenced today to five years in prison and a lifetime of supervision upon release, after he tried purchasing child pornography over the Internet.

In 2008, Brown ordered and paid for a video that was advertised as pornography starring a 9-year-old boy. Unfortunately for Brown, the seller of the film was a U.S. Postal Inspector working undercover as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to round up perverts started in May of 2006 by the Department of Justice.

After what must have been days of aberrant anticipation, Brown got a knock at the door only to find federal investigators with an arrest warrant, rather than a brown bag with kiddy porn in it.

Investigators also searched Brown's computer, and guess what they found: more kiddy porn, duh.

Brown pleaded guilty in March to one count of receipt of child pornography, and a federal court judge threw the proverbial book at him; let's hope it wasn't in a brown paper wrapper.

Isn't it nice to see postal employees on this side of the law every now and again?

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