Customer Allegedly Bumps KFC Employee With Car After Condiments Dispute

When an employee at a drive-through fast-food restaurant forgets to include the appropriate condiments in your go bag, you're irked. If you're a jerk, you ask to speak to the manager.

But you'd have to have a screw loose to try to hit an employee with your car, which is what police say happened last night in Surprise.

Monique Aguet, 26, zipped through the drive-through at a Kentucky Fried Chicken near Bell and Reems roads about 7 p.m., Surprise police say. When she dipped her hand in her bag of food and found there were no condiments, Aguet allegedly went off the deep end.

She stormed inside the restaurant, police say, and got in a shouting match with several employees. When they asked the ketchup lover to leave, employees followed her outside to get Aguet's license-plate number.

One of the employees wound up standing behind Aguet's car, and here's what happened next, says police spokesman Lieutenant Craig Scartozzi: "[Aguet] began to pull out, and the employee struck the case [Aguet] hadn't seen her."


Without even hesitating, police maintain, the customer then ran her car into the employee.

The employee was uninjured, so it must not have been much of a bump, but Aguet was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, plus disorderly conduct.

All over condiments. The Colonel would've been appalled

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